This Week in The Catalyst Newsletter
  1. November Work in Progress Seminar (Snacks provided) 
  2. Learn to Analyze Your Data in R (Coffee provided) 
  3. Mr. Robot Watch Parties - Time and Place
  4. NRI Seminar - Gene Bowman
  5. PHHI Seminar - Andrew Neilson
  6. Appetite For Life - “The role of the gut microbiome in metabolism of dietary components"
  7. Holiday Chem 101
Work in Progress- free snacks and coffee/tea
Who: Everyone at the NCRC. Students, postdocs, lab technicians, industry scientists are especially encouraged to attend.
This event is intended to improve scientific and communication skills of trainees at various levels.

What: Olivia Rivera: "Genetic regulation of lactation: a role for the zinc transporter ZnT2 (SLC30a2)"
Kathleen Walter: "Preparing an effective biosketch at different career stages: What should I do when certain criteria are thin?"

When: Next Tuesday! November 5th, 4:45-5:45pm 
Where: Lettuce Eat Cafe
What to do: Please register  here to attend. Registration closes on tomorrow (Nov. 1st) at 5pm!
Register  here to present your research at a future date. 
Learning to Analyze Your Data in R- Workshop 3
Who: Everyone on campus
What: Learn how to use R in your data analysis! This webinar will focus on graphing your data in R, as well as exploring options for getting help while using R.

When: This workshop will be held Thursday, November 21st, 3:30-5pm
: NRI Room 1331

What to do: RSVP  here. Please bring your own laptop. We will have charging stations.
Mr. Robot Watch Parties
What: Your fellow colleagues on campus are interested in getting together a group to watch the final season of Mr. Robot!
Where: NRI room 1331
When: Monday afternoons starting at 3:45pm.
What to do: Email Scott Jaworski to get updates about scheduling and tune in for a fantastic season 4!
NRI Seminar
Who: Dr. Gene Bowman, ND, MPH
" Individualized nutritional therapies in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease"
Where: NRI Room 2203
When: Thursday, November 7th from 12:00-1:00pm
What to do: Attend!
PHHI Seminar
Who: Dr. Andrew Neilson
  "Trimethylamine N-oxide: a pro-atherogenic metabolite at the intersection of nutrition, the gut microbiome, and host metabolism"

Where: RCCC-NCRC Room 115
When: Tuesday, November 12th from 10:30-11:30am
What to do: Attend!
November Appetite For Life
Who Katie Meyer, ScD, Assistant Professor of Nutrition
What: “The role of the gut microbiome in metabolism of dietary components"
Where: RCCC Biotechnology Training Center (399 Biotechnology Lane, Kannapolis)
When: Wednesday, November 13th at 6pm
What to do: Register here!

Event description: Over the past decade, we have gained new appreciation for the possibility that the gut microbiome may impact a range of chronic diseases. One pathway by which the gut microbiome may influence health is through microbial metabolism of dietary components. These metabolic processes can yield small molecules that have physiologic effects. Interestingly, due to differences in the gut microbiome among people, there can be large variability in the production of these small molecules. This has potential relevance for precision nutrition approaches, because the same diet could have different effects on people depending on their microbiome.
Holiday Chem 101!
What: Casually unwind with your colleagues and meet new people from around campus! Learn about current research through poster presentations while you enjoy drinks and snacks. 

When: Thursday, December 5th from 4-5:30pm
Where: 2nd floor atrium, David H. Murdock Core Lab Building

What to do: Email Shelley Hancock at if you want to share your research. Otherwise, just show up and enjoy!
Ongoing Campus Activities and Events
Campus running group:
  • A group of people from the NCRC who run together
  • Interested? Contact Julie Stegall at 704-706-5613 or
Volleyball group:
  • Informal volleyball games at the Kannapolis YMCA
  • Interested? Contact Hamed Bostan at 704-340-8773 or

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